Of course, none of this would be remotely possible without our sponsors. Their participation is crucial to a project like this and we cannot thank them enough for their help!

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The holden extravaganza

Established in 2010 with humble beginnings, the Extravaganza was started by the Florida G8 Club and was attended by less than a dozen members.

In the years following, the event quickly grew into the largest gathering of Holden vehicles in the US! With hundreds of Holden’s attending the Extravaganza each year. Owners and enthusiasts around the nation would travel hundreds of miles out, just to join and experience the Extravaganza!

Along with the amazing atmosphere, the car show, the racing and hanging out, the Extravaganza always has a great selection of raffles and giveaways that are only available at the event!


Drag racing has long been a staple of the Extravaganza. From mild to wild, there is a class for everyone! Whether you’re a Pro, or never raced before, you’re guaranteed to have fun!


You can’t have an event without a car show. You’ll get to check out how many other owners make their Holden’s unique, and who knows.. you might even take home a trophy as well!


The Extravaganza is also about meeting and making new friends, or putting a face to the name of someone you’ve spoken with a thousand times online. Many life long friendships started at the Extravaganza.